The 'Critical Mass' Campaign

It's true, as independent media, Collective Evolution has been demonetized and censored to the point where we may have to shut down, but we have never and will never give up! We believe we can still create the critical mass needed to have our voices heard and to create a world with peace and freedom. But we will have to come together to make this happen.

We are now celebrating our 11 year anniversary here at Collective Evolution! Independent journalism is the only thing keeping people informed as to what is really going on behind the scenes. CE brings a heart-based approach into our work which makes our work powerful, unique and effective. We are able to tell important stories without the political bias or emotional drama and confuses issues.This helps bring peace and solutions to the table to change our dying paradigms. Conscious media must stay alive.

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Stand With Collective Evolution

It's our 11 year anniversary at Collective Evolution, and the landscape of media has become more clear than ever:

  1. We need bipartisan media, political spin is killing truth.
  2. We need to support non mainstream voices as censorship has threatened the spread of dissenting perspectives.
  3. Those in positions of power are clearly terrified of the power of people and independent media.
  4. We need conscious media that helps us understand our current human condition and how we can truly change ourselves to change the world.

You know our story, we are among the most censored and demonetized media companies in the world. The censorship all started in 2016 as we chose to cover important topics that empower the people.

Collectively, we are now seeing some of the greatest censorship our modern world has ever seen. Anyone, no matter how credentialed, is being censored if their words do not align with the false mainstream narratives. In the wake of COVID-19, censorship is at an all time high as the battle for the narrative has heavily increased. More people than ever before are questioning their world because of the efforts of independent media and those who continue to share it.

The importance of independent media is greater now more than ever, yet resources have been cut dramatically. The future of it is in the hands of the people who choose to support.

You can support financially via this campaign, and you can support by sharing information far and wide.

Since Collective Evolution has been demonetized on many major platforms and ad companies like Google have been slashing our revenues, the only thing that keeps CE alive is YOU.

You can contribute to this Critical Mass campaign in two ways:

  • 1 Make a one-time donation to the campaign
  • 2 Sign up for a yearly membership to CETV