Let's Take Back Our Power From Big Tech

We need your help in creating a critical mass to overcome censorship
and the attack on free speech.

Facebook just disabled our admin accounts, cutting us off from our Facebook page of 5.3 million fans. It's time we take our power back from big tech, and create platforms where we can't be censored. It's a critical time for content that focuses on quality sense-making, personal transformation, and societal change.

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It's Time To Build A Critical Mass

UPDATE Nov 7, 2020: Facebook re-activated Joe and Arjun's accounts. We got o email, notification or explanation, but the accounts are back. This happened Nov 6th in the afternoon. We are unsure how long they will remain, but we are still moving forth with having CETV be what sustains us and keeps us going as we can't do the work, as of now, without your membership support on CETV.

As of October 25th, 2020, Facebook removed all access we had to our Facebook page with over 5.3 million fans. Our FB page was crucial for us in sharing our content and sustaining our business. So this was a big blow. Not just to our work, but to free speech as well.

Our page still exists, however we have no administrators or editors who can post on the page - therefore, we can't reach YOU or anyone else. It's like the ultimate shadowban.

We are now faced with the task of once again pivoting in response to censorship and demonetization that we began to experience in late 2016. Below you can find all of our transparent reporting on how we have been affected by censorship and demonetization over the last 4 years.

There's good news. When censorship began in 2016, we decided to look at creating our own platform for video content and courses. The platform deeply aligns with our overall ethos:

"Power is shifting and old ways of looking at and understanding our world are no longer working. New conversations are emerging that encourage us to look more deeply at why our world is the way it is, and what about us creates it to be this way. The questions of who we are, why we are here, and what world we truly wish to create are on the table for us to re-approach."

After a couple years of development, testing, and seeing what worked, we launched CETV on an independent white label solution. CETV is an on-demand streaming platform like Netflix, but for conscious media. With no large investment from investors, we grinded out almost 2 years of content and business development to get CETV to where it is today.

We have hundreds of hours of content - original shows, exclusive interviews, a few films, and some courses. CETV is our ticket to sustainability as a business and to keeping truth, transformation, and meaningful discussion going.

CETV is a platform for YOU. It's a resource where you can educate yourself and stay up to date with new solutions & what's happening in our world. It's also a place for you to learn conscious practices and methods of self-development that you can utilize in your every-day.

In order for our overall efforts to become sustainable we need help supercharging what we already know works with CETV: good content and effective marketing.

Funds currently generated from CETV members primarily goes into sustaining CETV, our day to day journalism, and keeping the lights on. But keeping up with it all has been incredibly hard to do with a team of only 3 full-time people, where the pressure to do everything is on us all the time. Customer service, marketing, creating content, research, social media, etc.

Plus, we haven't had much left over revenue to invest in more content and more user acquisition - which is the key to sustaining our work.

Thus, this crowdfund will be used to invest in making CETV, and Collective Evolution as a whole, sustainable. Further, we want to open dialogue about how we can work together on a grassroots level to empower people to engage in change - these conversations are vital right now.

Big tech has had too big a say over what information you see and whether independent media can thrive. It's time to change that, and we can do this together!

Evidence of Censorship/Demonetization Against Us & More Info